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    Стандарты профессионализма. Как стать членом сообщества?

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    Соединение теории и практики. Как стать аналитическим психологом?

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    Профессиональная психологическая помощь. Выбрать аналитического психолога

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    Профессиональный рост. Выбрать супервизора.


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  • The key to succeeding in a team project is to be a team player. No one likes working with a slacker, so don’t be a slacker! But don’t get taken advantage of either. There were many times when I had taken the lead on a project because nothing was getting done, and unfortunately I think I earned the reputation of «the girl who will do the whole project.

    Карл Юнг
  • I made incredible changes from high school to college. I made very good grades in high school, and the material was not incredibly hard, I would take great notes, and study them the night before, but in college, could not always get by with that.

    Джен Винер
  • My greatest academic success happened when I got a perfect score on a business calculus test and I got my name called out in class because it was the highest in the class. I had dropped business calculus the semester before because I was struggling so much. It was amazing to me the difference it made in the way .

    Дональд Винникотт